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03-09-2010, 03:09 PM
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I think it would depend, not having been to Nashville, take this for what it's worth:

- When Vancouver had the NBA Grizzlies, everyone was pressed to get behind the team so we could keep it here; problem was, it was tough to get emotionally committed to a team when deep down you expect it to leave, and that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. So I think ThirdManIn is right there, anything to buy more time and slowly build a foundation of consistency will in the long-term make it easier to get fans, if not this year then years from now.

- Spank303 has a point, it depends. If you're the 8th seed and go 7 rounds and push Chicago to the brink of elimination in overtime, I'd have a hard time believing that this wouldn't excite at least some people and catch media attention. Even if you don't make it far this year, if you show promise that this is a team to be taken seriously, then that may be the next best thing to a second round.

- And yes, UTMFisher19 has a point (though I don't think making the playoffs means you're not mediocre), once the post-season begins, all bets are off. If everything goes your way and all your players play at their best, anything is possible and that has to excite or interest at least some people, it may not be enough to notice right away, but compare it to the perennial non-playoff teams and you'll see what I mean.

One thing I'll also say coming from Vancouver, I think being in a playoff fight may actually help, when you're on the verge of getting in or falling out, it really becomes a suspense-ridden extended playoff run that can build emotional commitment from fans who start with a curiosity, then get all caught up in it, then get euphoric went the team squeaks in...and whether or not the team gets to the second round or not, you've got some new fans hooked. In Vancouver, a common thing you hear is "I only watch hockey when the playoffs begin", since it's assumed we're in anyway, a lot of people check out and just wait for the playoffs, but when we're fighting for a spot it's easier to get the media to really follow things.

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