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03-09-2010, 04:31 PM
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I'm glad to see that others have had positive experiences with the pumps, but unfortunately I must add to the negative here.

I bought a pair of 9Ks about 2 months ago to replace very old skates that had both blade runners crack simultaneously. Yes, I know, that's really weird. Anyway, I loved the fit and feel of the RBK skates, and coming from CCMs that isn't surprising since they are the same boots pretty much. No other brand fits my foot, and the pump was just kind of a throw-in for me, it wasn't a necessity.

Or so I thought. After baking the skates, I noticed that my right heel was not locked and could move a few mms up and down. The pump fills that extra space beautifully and locks my heel into place. Unfortunately for me, the pumps leak after a few shifts. I am constantly re-pumping every couple of shifts. It seems though, that after a period or two, pumping has no effect. When I click to let the air out of the bladder at the end of the game, there's no "swoosh" sound as no air escapes.

If I can find a 2-3 week period that I can take off from playing I will be sending these back to RBK as a warranty replacement for a faulty pump. It sucks that my local shop wouldn't replace them for me even though I noticed the problem 2 days after purchase.

TL;DR version - Pumps are finicky, do not buy unless the skate fits w/o pumping. The end.

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