Thread: Line Combos: 4th line. Love it? Hate it?
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03-09-2010, 04:39 PM
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Originally Posted by White Plains Batman View Post
The Rangers 4th line this year is stupid. 4th liners are supposed to be young kids who don't have top end talent that will hit anything, keep pressure in the O zone, and don't make any money. That's what made Betts/Orts/Moore/Ward/etc at any given point so good.

So you have Voros and Brashear who combined could have brought Alex Tangauy or Seidenberg here, then you have Shelley who is OK but wasn't worth the pick. Boyle is OK but has limited upside.

Torts promised more scoring from the 4th line but it's on pace to be much worse than last year and probably the worst offensive 4th line since the lockout.

You mean to tell me some combo of Dane Byers/Dale Weisse/Pa Paranteau/Brodie DuPont and the now traded Jordan Owens or even Tom Pyatt can't play 5 minutes a night at the NHL level? Gimme a break!
Okay, first of all, you said that the 4th line is supposed to be kids who don't have top end talent. Both Prust and Boyle are younger than Orr/Betts/Sjostrom and you say a few lines down that Boyle has limited upside. How is having limited upside different from not having top end talent? Also, they are most definitely hitting and keeping pressure in the zone, more so than any other line on this team.

Secondly, Voros and Brash were going to bring in anybody? Am I missing something here? I don't see how or why anyone would give us anything for either of those guys, let alone a top 6 offensive player or a top 4 D man.

At the end of the day, this line isn't making or breaking the team, but I think that they are a definite upgrade over last years fourth. Everyone seems to be making much, much more of Betts than is warranted. As someone stated a few posts back, every team but the Flyers passed on the guy and even they made him tryout. The "we should know our players best" argument doesn't hold much water with me, I agree that we should, but letting Betts go didn't ruin this team by any means, we're much in the same place as we were last year and our penalty kill is still one of the best in the league. We knew him - we knew he wasn't irreplaceable or really worth holding on to and we were right.

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