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03-09-2010, 04:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Pentothal View Post
With some prospects there is always some doubts like, is he strong enough? (Tedenby for instance).

But with others like Markström and Larsson, you just get the feeling that they really will become elite. I would be very surprised if Jacob wouldn't become a great keeper in the future because his accomplishments as a keeper at his age is pretty much insane.

Some guys will watch a player once a year in the WJC and suddenly they are an expert on the kid and label him a choker because of one goal or because they didn't like his reaction to being run repeatedly the year before, watching him through rose-tinted specs. "Flopström, LOL".

Sometimes I go back and look at comments on the prospect board from years before. There are some truly funny "conventional wisdoms" to be seen. For instance, many thought that Kronwall was a weak guy who "would never be a great hitter".

Time will tell I guess.
they call him diverstrom as well, but i dont care i know every team wishes they had him he seems to be a very special kind of player and i read somewhere he started playing goalie full time at like 13 years old or something

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