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03-09-2010, 05:46 PM
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At the risk of repeating myself: I am talking about the 12th or 13th forward spot. That is not a spot you would generally expect to have much influence on the actual outcome of the games which is why I think that spot is suited for a younger player with potential rather than a 19-year-old with a man's physique but without the skillset to ever be considered for the senior national team.

I am a Rødovre-fan as you say. I take it you are not a fan of any team but kind of a Buddha-like neutral observer in the sky?

The fact that I am a fan does not mean that my observation of a player's talent is necessarily skewed or coloured. Please show me where I am stating that I think the entire national junior team should be made up of Rødovre players... It does however mean that I get to 'scout' Rødovre's players a lot more often than I do the young players on other teams. And so it is not entirely unthinkable that I have seen Sass play this season more often than some of the people involved with the national junior team. This may especially be true with a player like Sass who is very young and has emerged out of the blue to a lot of people. For obvious reasons, the people surrounding the national junior team do not watch nearly every Rødovre game like I do... For the same reason, I'd expect them to have a better grasp on players from other teams than I do. I have not been impressed with e.g. either Nicklas D. Jensen or Patrick Bjorkstrand the few times I have seen them play. Whereas a player such as Esbjerg's Jannick Christensen has been really good when I have seen him play. But I hope national team selectors have seen these guys play a lot more than I have, and so I have no problem with them being selected.

Fine, say what you want about a player's personality. It just doesn't carry any weight when it isn't backed up. Why should we believe you? I could say for instance that Nicklas D. Jensen is arrogant. What is the value of that statement? Nothing, absolutely nothing. I don't know him and I don't know anything about his personality. We can debate how players perform on the ice as that is something we can all see and form our own opinion about, but comments about off-ice behaviour without any specifics is useless IMHO.

Again, repeating myself: I would have had no problem if the spot had been given to another of the talented '93's. To put it another way: The day we see e.g. Jesper Malle on the Danish Senior National Team is the day you have won this argument. Until that day, I would have preferred the last spot on the team had been given to someone with the potential to one day become a Danish National Senior Team member. I think Sass is such a player, he is obviously not the only one, nor is he playing with the experience or the physique of a 19-year-old.

The reason we have a National Junior Team is to produce players for the National Senior Team. You'd want the Junior Team to play at the highest possible level, but you also should have your focus on developing players for the Senior Team.

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