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Originally Posted by eye
Love your last paragraph hbk. When I was critical of camp coverage I was also referring to the press who have been non-existent in covering this team. It doesn't even sound like they travel with the team and just write their short articles based on reports or something. I'm so used to hockey being the number one sport in town so I do apologize to any fans that took my posts personally. hbk, a pro-scout buddy of mine is supposed to email his thoughts to me on last nights game. I will share his views when I get his message. He has seen the team twice.
As promised, here is a recap of the email I just received on the last 2 exhibition games. It's not as detailed as I would have liked but it's better than a kick in the a"". He only commented on Burke and Knayzev vs San Jose as I only emailed him yesterday to comment on the Canucks game but I asked for his take on these two players from the night before as well.

He said the Canucks game was not a good game from a fans perspective and that the locals were noticably frustrated. Tight checking with a handful of prospects playing for both teams. He was not overly impressed by the Canucks prospects in this game saying they were outmatched by the Coyotes prospects which in his opinion was the difference in this game. He saw Kesler, Grennier and Federov playing in Manitoba this year.

Goalies; he liked Burke and thought he played well in Portland. Felt Burke would like to have 1 of the 3 goals scored on him back but overall was impressed by him for this time of the year. Against the Canucks it was difficult for him to evaluate Bierk who gave up 0 goals on just 7 shots only 2 of which were testers. He said he moved well and covered a lot of net. Boucher allowed 1 breakaway goal by Cooke that he felt Boucher misplayed but that he came back to make a couple of good saves. He sees Bierk as the more suitable backup to Burke if Phoenix could find a taker for Boosh or if someone would claim him off waivers. He said that Bierk with less pro playing time due to injuries is coming into his own and is already as good as the more experienced Boucher and will only get better. He felt Bierk would be a quality back up while Boosh was overpriced as a backup goalie in this years NHL financial climate.

Defense; he rated our D in this game only as follows; Tanabe, Ossi, Schutte, Suchy, Hulse, Spiller from 1-6. He felt Tanabe was playing with more confidence and jump and played a lot of pp time. He thought he was matched up well with Ossi. He was equally impressed by how well Suchy and Schutte played together and felt that Hulse and Spiller played well together to. He said the defense controlled the game which I found suprising to be honest with you considering some of the power forwards that dressed for the Canucks last night and how hard I have been on them this summer. He described Spiller as a cross between Mike Wilson and Ossi saying he has to get more physical and develop more patience with the puck but that he should challenge for a spot in a year or two. He added that the forwards helped out and backchecked hard all night. From the San Jose game he admitted that Knayzev did not catch his attention a great deal and that he felt he may be a ways off from becoming a serious threat to crack the Coyotes blueline. He said he wasn't really watching for him but that was the imrpession he left the game with.

Forwards; felt that Kolanos was our best and most dangerous forward. Said he was the only forward that showed any poise with the puck and the ability to buy time and space as he manouvered with the puck. Scored a nice goal on this type of play. He liked Hrdina and felt most of the other veterans just blended in and worked hard. He felt Taffe got involved more this year from the last time he saw him but showed little offense last night. He said that Sjostrom has speed but he's not convinced he knows how to use it yet. He felt he was still 2 years away from challenging for an NHL spot. He said Sjostrom barely played as noted by the number of shifts he got. He didn't think that Westrum would play any serious time at the NHL level but felt he was a good AHL player that could fill in if called upon because he was a good checker with a good feel for the game.

He said overall a well deserved win by the Coyotes who shut the Canucks down with hard work and a good 2 way effort.

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