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03-09-2010, 06:25 PM
Johan Santana
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Originally Posted by SabreTooth3539 View Post
Well I went! I was really nervous because I didn't know what to expect and I was going by myself. There were about 25 people there (including 4 goalies) and all but 2-3 of them had full gear, so that wasn't the embarrassing part at all. I was the worst player there and at first, it seemed like everyone was really good. But then I met an older guy, probably in his 40s, who sucked just as bad as I did. We shot the puck to each other for about 45 minutes straight and I actually did feel a lot of improvement by the end.

Our sportplex's website says no games are allowed during Stick 'N' Puck but they started a little scrimmage down at one end anyway. I avoided that though, I didn't even want to shoot at the goalies, hahah. I took shots at the empty nets but didn't want to embarrass myself with the goalie. It was a great experience though, I'll definitely go to more of them. Everyone was nice even though I was awful.

Also, I was the only girl. That felt kind of cool.
the guys will all be really nice to you then, i would not worry. some may hit on you as well, which ive seen at my local stick n puck

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