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Originally Posted by xicethug13x View Post
no the 12 year olds that are injured and concused are not the panzies....the 12 year olds that are injured or concused THEN ARE AFFRAID TO GET HIT AND DONT WANNA PLAY ANYMORE those are the panzies...and it doesnt matter if they quite because if they have that kinda mental make up they will never make it anywhere anyways....this is a tough sport...for tough kids.

as an example what would you say if someone started a thread saying america is losing talented football players because the kids dont wanna get tackled and hit?...its a big part of the sport

also those skilled kids that didnt like getting hit end up being the ones scoring 6 goals a game in mens league cause theyve got speed and skill when there is no checking...but throw them in a real game with contact and they usualy disapear
Dude, I'm American in my mid-50's. I played HS football and hockey. I've got news for
you, US football has lost many very good white athletes due to the frequency of injury in football. Take a look at the # of white football players at the NFL/NCAA level, its down enormously from the mid to late 70's. Parents aren't going to put 12 year olds at risk of permanent brain impairment to satisfy your ignorant blood lust. Go crawl back under whatever rock you came out of.

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