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02-02-2005, 06:57 PM
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it's not the point

Originally Posted by Melrose_Jr.
PLD, you make it sound like the UHL is just some charity organization that exists to employ hockey players with marginal skills. Like any other league, it's a form of entertainment, so if the owner can hook better talent, send a better product on the ice and stuff more butts in the seats, then that's his perogative.

If the UHL brought in the kind of revenues that the NHL does, I can ASSURE you that the all time league leading scorer would expect nothing less than his piece of the financial pie.
The NHL'ers would all be pissed to the high heavens, some posters here as well, if guys came to the NHL next year to play as replacement players, and here some defending the fact that these guys have gone on to other leagues and pretty much taken jobs away from other players?

Where are a person's principals when they thump their chest about that yet defend the very same players that are current replacing players in a league that's not locked out?

Shame on the players, shame on the owners of those teams that employee these players and shame on those that defend it.

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