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Originally Posted by claude boivin lives View Post
Sorry to rain on your appreciation thread, but Gagne pisses me off to no end sometimes. At this point, were it not for the fact that he's been on the team for so long and that I was once such a big fan of his, I'd want his ass out of here. I get that he's got concussion issues and is going to shy away from some of the physical play...but the extent to which he does so is just way too much. And compared to most other guys in this league, he's just got no heart. It pains me to say that, but it's true. Even when it comes to the things he's supposed to be best at...his two-way game is a little overrated, he's not that great of a defensive player. He gives up on the play all the time. And in some of these recent games in which he's scored, he hasn't even been very good...last night in particular. He had a ****** game last night. Richards and Carcillo were out there wreaking havoc, creating all kinds of opportunities, and Gags was just useless most of the night, and botching the opportunities he was given. For a long time I was against the idea of him leaving town, mainly because of his history here. But at this point, I'd be okay with it. I'd be willing to sign him for maybe about $3m per, but I doubt he'd take'd probably be especially hard for him to accept considering what Briere is making. Hey, there's another reason Briere's contract sucks.
Seriously, dude? I mean, really?

He hasn't been shying away from the slot at all, he's going to the hard areas of the ice and that's why he's getting goals - and he's risking physical contact to do so. He's also taken some hits to make plays, held onto the puck and tried to dangle more (and is seeing success in that area) and has continued asserting himself physically.

The other night in Toronto, he even cut Phaneuf off at the pass when he was going after Richards (or maybe it was Carcillo). You're telling me he has no heart or effort and is afraid if he's going to man up to Phaneuf to prevent him from going after a teammate?

Also, I haven't seen him give up on any plays lately. Watch him on the back check, he's almost always the first guy back.

I admit I'm a huge fan of his, and my lenses might be a tiny bit rosy, but you and I must not be watching the same games.

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