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03-10-2010, 11:05 AM
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I have torn both ACL's, and both Meniscus at different points in mylife, and each injury is different. I can tell you with the right ACL I heard a loud pop, knee swelled instantly, severe pain, 10 minutes later, no pain. With the left one, I did not hear it pop, and it really didn't hurt or swell, felt kinda like a sprain, but MRI revealed it was fully torn. So basically you never know, an MRI is the only way to know for sure. Push your ortho for an MRI, I had 2 different Dr.s do draw tests on my right leg, and say there was nothing wrong. Thrid doc also felt there was no tear by draw testing, but ordered MRI based on continuing instability.

Now as a pure guess with what you stated happened I will guess that you hyperextended it, and tore your meniscus. That is a simple surgey, and you can be back to playing in a few short weeks.

Good Luck.

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