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Originally Posted by Steelhead16 View Post
They don't release injury reports because guys will go after the injured body part when they return from the injury. Someone playing with broken thumb will get slashed on his thumb. Injured shoulder.....sure to checked on that shoulder. Nobody will have the b*lls (pun intended) to hit Gebs there again when he comes back.
I'm sure this happens on occasion. But other professional sports aren't half as cryptic as the NHL concerning injuries... are they? And if other players really wanted to go after Weber's hand/wrist, all they have to do is watch 30 seconds of the game film to determine where on his upper body the injury occurred. I'll bet the same could be said for 90% of the injuries in the NHL. When the team is scouted and film is reviewed, it wouldn't be hard to determine what part of the body was injured on a particular player.

Maybe the upper/lower body response began in an era where game film wasn't easily accessible. With today's technology, it just seems a little silly to me.

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