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03-10-2010, 02:49 PM
Seth Lake
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I don't care one way or another whether the NHL limits their injury info to "upper/lower body". Unlike most other sports, injuries are treated in the locker rooms which are closed to the media during games. In the NFL, injuries are largely treated out on the field where the media roam pretty freely and treatments are within public view for observation.

There are also HIPAA regulations in play here that the NHL abides by. It is the player's prerogative whether or not he wants to disclose the nature of his ailment. Many times the player won't care and will comment on it or it is not something they can hide (like a sling/cast/walking boot/etc) and therefore the info is released anyways.

But the bottom line with injury info is that the main reason it is released and so readily sought after is for betting purposes. All the inquires from general fans with a sincere interest combined don't come close to the info that is scoured over for betting purposes alone. Due to it's niche status and lack of a larger TV deal, there is not a lot of action on NHL games and therefore, the NHL gets away with "upper/lower body" injury reports without any real hub-bub....

However, the real issue here is that Grebeshkov in this instance specifically asked for privacy in this matter and the Predators complied by announcing it in accordance with the "lower/upper body" policy and not commenting further on the nature of the injury. It was released by an Edmonton reporter that clearly did not call the Predators, Grebeshkov, or his representatives and reported it to the world.

In this case, I have a problem with it. I'm not anyone special, but occasionally I do get inside info on things like injuries and I would never report any specifics I heard about a player that was actively injured, especially with the sensitive nature of this injury, not even withstanding Grebeshkov's request for privacy.

IMO, this simply isn't cool...not only is Grebeshkov actively injured and recovering from his injury, but now he also wasn't even provided the opportunity to be the first to speak about the injury himself. Yes, these guys are professional athletes, but they are people too and deserve some basic respect as human beings...

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