Thread: Prospect Info: Offical 2010 Red Wing Draft Thread
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03-10-2010, 04:24 PM
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Good post FF, great read I totally agree.

We can sort of make a list of players the Wings would pick. I feel that the Red Wings has shown in recent years that with their earlier picks they will choose a player type they feel they cannot obtain in the later rounds. Players with size and skilled North Americans are the 2 traits most of our recent early round draft picks have in common. The players with size tends to be Defensemen for the Wings but their are a few examples of forwards like HTD and Abby. The reason I say they pick skilled North Americans early is because they are "safer" picks and because it is very rare for North American prospects to fall through the cracks. North American players bring certain intangibles to the game like physical play and being used to smaller rinks. Every team needs a Draper and Maltby to lighten the mood and have a good time. The problem the Wings have is they seem to have trouble drafting North Americans outside the 3rd or 4th round.

To make the most out of the draft they play a supply and demand game and draft the safer picks earlier and the high risk/reward picks later. I think they started this method around 2005 (just by looking at the draft history), which is also the year the salary cap was put into place. I believe that is where the Wings realized that they will need to build through the draft and decided that each year they need some safe picks to fall back on if the high risk/reward picks don't work out.

So we can sort of predict that the Wings will pick a Big player (which would most likely be a defensemen), a North American player, or a generational type player they can't pass up.

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