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03-10-2010, 04:41 PM
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I root for the Florida Marlins and I love baseball the way it is. I take great joy in the fact that we've put a winning team on the field for 5 years while spending less money combined than the Yankees do in one season.

We finished right in the middle of MLB in record over the last decade and won a championship and we did it while spending less money than any other team in baseball. It's outstanding.

And now we're about to get a stadium and get to have a middle of the league payroll while having a front office that routinely puts a winning team on the field while spending the least amount of money.

Teams that fail to compete do so because they are run poorly. Not because they have no money.

If you look at the small market teams, the ones that lose almost always do because they sign players to stupid contracts that ruin their payroll structure when said player doesn't deliver. So, basically, they're failing because of the money they're spending, not the money they're not. Say whatever you will about Florida, but they ONLY pay for performance and that's why they've consistently competed in their situation for almost all of Loria's tenure.

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