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03-10-2010, 06:09 PM
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Scurko was in court today in Kosice to face his murder charge. He has admitted to killing Poprad referee Marek Liptaj. The two had known each other for a couple years. Things began to sour when Liptaj moved into Scurko's rented flat in Kosice. Scurko said he allowed Liptaj to stay with him when Liptaj told him he had terminal cancer. When Scurko found out this was a lie, Scurko was obviously upset and became focused on getting Liptaj to move out. At this point Liptaj began to threaten Scurko, saying he had friends in the mafia who would harm Scurko and blow up his car. Liptaj also threatened suicide and said he would break up Scurko's relationship with his girlfriend.

On the fateful day in January, Scurko had packed Liptaj's things and was to drive Liptaj back home to Poprad. In the car the two began to argue almost right away, with Liptaj even threatening to jump out of the car. Scurko pulled out a kitchen knife which he said he had with him for self-defence. Scurko said he first nicked Liptaj's neck as a warning that he was serious and that the two should stop arguing. Moments later he stabbed Liptaj in the stomach with the knife, and doesn't remember what happened afterwards.

There are some problems with Scurko's story [i.e. returning to bury the body several days later, Liptaj was stabbed 19 times, etc], and even if it was all true it doesn't justify murder. Scurko faces 7-10 years or 15-20 years depending on the severity of his crime.

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