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Originally Posted by Wheatking View Post
I'm sure it will be archived on Gregor's site. I thought it was a great interview by Gregor and Brownlee. I don't remember the last time we heard someone from the Oilers this honest....maybe when Lowe blasted Burke on Total Sports?

- He admitted that they haven't come through on their promises.
- He'd like to see the Leafs and other teams win the remainder of their games so the Oilers can win but still finish 30th.
- Doesn't want to rush young players like they have done in the past.
- Mentioned that MPS could be here next season.
- The one that got me was that when talking about the team's future plans Lowe mentioned buy outs. Gregor or Brownlee didn't bring it up. He did it on his own. That's pretty interesting.

These are just off the top of my head. I recommend people check it out.

I believe Tencer is going to have him on at around 8:30 tonight as well.

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