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03-10-2010, 08:21 PM
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Originally Posted by haohmaru View Post
Which doesn't change the fact that he played some games and was invisible in many others. I'll give you the 1st half of the season, though.
Actually, you'd have to give me 76 games or 92.7% of the season - given that his huge, humongous nosedive against which every other slump in history pales, lasted 6 regular season games, during which he was 0-1-1.

And then, yes, he whiffed in the POs. That is understood. It's the only reason we're having this conversation.

Originally Posted by haohmaru View Post
The Rangers played 89 games last season. In his last 20 games, including the playoffs, Nik registered ONE ASSIST. TOTAL. Any of your other 10 scapegoats disappear, to that degree, when it mattered most? The stretch drive and 7 playoff games? Incidentally, that series ended up being decided by a single goal.
Nooooooo, actually, wrong. In his last 13 games, as I stated above, he only had one assist. But in the previous 7 games before that, he went 4-2-6, which is a lot better than the typical 7-game run from anyone we see on the current team (EDIT: other than Gabby of course). But feel free to twist the math to suit your purposes.

Originally Posted by haohmaru View Post
And, you know what? It doesn't even piss me off that much that Zherdev lost his game and struggled down the stretch - it's that he, and his agent, thought that he was entitled to 4.5 million/season after pulling that act and acting like the Rangers 3.25 offer was insulting.
Amazing. You break down my previous post point for point, but in making this withering comeback, you completely ignore the point I made at length only two points later.

1) The Rangers offered $3.25MM, which Nik turned down and then went on record saying he wanted to negotiate. The Rangers instead didn't engage at ALL and drove straight to arbitration. Do you believe that every other player that didn't accept the first offer from the Rangers, who then went on to negotiate was a punk? That they ALL should have taken the first offer? Do you hold Dubi in the same contempt?

2) Speaking of arbitration, stop using the arbitration submission numbers as if they were the numbers being discussed all along. Arbitration is an established process that everyone in hockey understands - the arbitrator is 99% going to split the difference between the two submissions, so the player goes as high as he can reasonably justify and the team goes as low as possible (which is why the Rangers lowered their offer to $3.1MM in the process). The $4.5MM number that Zherdev's camp submitted in the arbitration process has NO BEARING ON WHAT HE MIGHT HAVE BEEN WILLING TO ACCEPT DURING NORMAL NEGOTIATIONS.

3) Ignoring all of the above (which is fallacious reasoning, but since so many seem to want to do it...), the arbitrator's award was $3.9MM. So, all the shenanigans previous to the hearing aside, you could have had him for that amount - you didn't have to pay $4.5MM.

Originally Posted by haohmaru View Post
20 consecutive games and 1 assist tell me that you're really, really reaching for something that isn't there.
1) Again, your math is wrong.

2) Riiiiight, and yet all the other forwards who did manage to scrape together one or two measly points and spent the rest of the series skating into the zone peeling into the corner before turning the puck over to the Caps were SO much better. I wasn't making the point that he did something wonderful, I was making the point that he was still one of their best players - and the fact that he choked in his FIRST playoff series was one of the reasons they lost. But it's also proof of how valuable he was to the team. And the fact that he still had the skill to be a difference maker once he stopped trying to strangle his hockey stick into sawdust.

Originally Posted by haohmaru View Post
They drew the line because the offer was more than fair, they had little cap space,
Really? 'Cause Kotalik's contract plus Lisin's (or Voros's or Brahsear's) would have been MORE than enough to get him signed up for at least one year.

Originally Posted by haohmaru View Post
and he probably didn't have much support from Tortorella.
Entirely possible. But my point all along has been that the Rangers' management screwed the pooch on this one. Whether it was primarily in the person of Slats (as I suspect), Torts or a combination of the both... it was still stupid.

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