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03-10-2010, 10:20 PM
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Maybe these videos might help you explain it.

Turning and Crossover

Backwards Crossover

Hockey Stop

When you're in a turn and doing crossovers you use the outside edge of the inside skate and the inside edge of the skate on the outside of the turn. So in a left hand turn the inside edge of your right skate and the outside edge of your left skate are used. Push off with your right and bring it up to your left and push off with your left and slide it under your right and then push off with your right again. For beginners they might like to bring their right skate up and in front of their left which is ok too, but you get more speed and power if you can push off with both sides equally. I started only doing left turns at public skates. After a while I tried it the other way when it wasn't crowded at one end of the rink.

For a stop, as the video above demonstrates you want to be able to shave the ice. You don't want to dig in. Many skaters have a strong and weak side for a hockey stop. I am more natural doing it with my left foot leading. You are using the inside edge of your lead skate and the outside edge of your trailing skate. The technique shown above is what it should look like as far as the spreading your legs apart and offsetting your skates from eachother.

Maybe having your buddy checkout some youtube videos and try to get a visual for what his edges should look like when doing different techniques will help mentally prepare him for doing it. It always helped me to watch someone then try to emulate what I saw.

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