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03-11-2010, 01:22 AM
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Originally Posted by nafrelio View Post
I listened to the interview, hoping to get a glance at the timeline of their "plan". Here's some key thoughts I heard on that theme...

- they want to "try to grow the thing for a 3-5 year period"
- "To grow it properly, in order to do it properly, we've seen you need the top picks...and so we also have some assessment to more untouchables on this team"
- when asked if management would ensure that the (losing culture) would be changed by the start of next season, Lowe declined to answer that - "I don't want to get too much into the change we need to make as far as our culture - we'll let our actions speak to that and not our words".
- "we're going to be patient, because we're forced to." He alluded to one local hockey person who said it would take 7-9 years to do a proper rebuild and said that he didn't think it would take that long.
- mentioned that they'd like to be more patient with the youth - "regardless of what we do with the roster, expectations aren't too high."

I think they will continue to gut the team - surely they know that they cannot get another top pick next year with Hemsky and Khabbi back (he even acknowledged this earlier in the interview - that they wouldn't be in this place had those two not been injured). All this talk about a rebuild/retool, it seems to be coming clearer that they will try to land a top pick next year too.

So if they are going to be patient with the youth and allow them to learn the game in Junior or the minors, how do they expect to tank the season by filling the holes in the roster with vets?

Its going to be an interesting summer...
Interesting, the best way to keep the Oil in the basement is to move Hemsky and Penner.

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