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03-11-2010, 08:57 AM
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Originally Posted by SabreTooth3539 View Post
Hmm, thanks for the advice guys. I tried a small on at the store and I could barely get it on, granted I had jeans on but the worker told me I probably needed to go up a size. I got them brand new but Play It Again only allows 2 weeks to bring stuff back, so I would have to sell them and then buy another size, which would kind of suck. But I'll look into it.

Also, I don't know my waist size because I'm a girl and our pant sizes are not inch measurements.
Do not, I repeat - DO NOT - try them on over jeans, that was a BIG mistake I made.

Jeans are far thicker and more cumbersome than anything you will actually play in under the pants. I did this and ended up with a pair of pants much too large. I bought CCM V06s in the XL size, and "felt" something was amiss even though I had no experience. (Good pants though, just not as good a fit for my shape as the Tacklas).

I went into a LHS looking for sticks who also happened to carry Tacklas, and I just thought to try a pair on since the HF board raves about them - the proprietor there said "take your sweat pants off, and try them on in just your underwear/boxers, otherwise you'll have no way of fitting them properly". I'd be wearing ill-fitting pants much too large had I not listened to him.

As I was aware of your bolded statement, it makes it even MORE important for women players to try the pants on, given how women are shaped differently than men, especially in the hips/waist area.

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