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03-11-2010, 10:29 AM
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something tells me neither will be fired. I think Torts will have a much shorter leash next year and if the blue shirts start out slow from the gates I could see Torts let go after 25 games or so

With Sather, I think he has way to much experience and contacts within the NHL circles to be let go. Dolan, IMO sees this and thinks this is a tremendous asset to have as a GM running his hockey franchise

In lieu of the dissapointing season Glen Sather has a history of pulling off amazing trades and has built a nice little prospect list

Personally Sather and Torts maybe over valued the talent the rangers have this year? Let's face it, the rangers were very very healthy compared to other teams this year and last year as well for that matter. Maybe the hockey brass assumed Hank can carry the load and get his team into the playoffs by himself like a Hasek has done, or like some recent goalies with little offensive help as early as this year Bryzgalov, and some past examples like Vokoun, Kiprusoff, Cam Ward, Rick Dipietro to name a few etc

The rangers management maybe assumed Hank could take the team on his back and carry them across into the playoffs and he very well could just do that. There is still time and with Hank being considered Elite should be able to do it. Its not to much to ask. There are plenty of examples of goalies being able to do this because management had enough confidence in them from the start just like the rangers do with Hank. As of right now its not happening but that could change because when Hank gets hot he gets blazing hot.

Just like the rangers assumed Hank could carry the team into the playoffs they assumed young vets like Cally and Duby would improve on their good years last year. Did they improve? alittle somewhat, but the ranger brass had to expect more. Then onto the defense, could Sather and co really expect Del Zotto to be a rock along with the other rookie in Gilroy?

In the end, there is plenty of time, the players need to bring it all the time now, and this includes the rangers best players like, Hank, Gabby, Cally and Duby. Just my 2 cents, I think Torts is used to having a goalie bail him out like the Bulin wall in the past and though Hank do do the same thing, it did help having Vinny and Co but in the end ,the Bulin wall did stop many pucks and was super clutch when called upon.

The rangers have the horses thanks to Sather and they have a coach whom has won a cup. It's up to the guys in the dressing room, there is no injury excuse if they fall short, the excuse will be the players did not perform at optimal level when they were needed the most and the top players have to take the heat more than anyone. Its a harsh reality and what can you do? New Yorkers expect the best and demand effort at all times

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