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03-11-2010, 09:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
You mean the offense that was going to flourish once the evil chains of Renney were removed from the team?

I do miss the days where we had a coach that would actually evaluate his team and act accordingly. Renney's system was overtly defensive, but honestly, with Nik Zherdev leading the offensive charge, what would be a better alternative?

But hey, now we have a coach thats "exciting"...whether it be preaching about not walking on the Rangers logo, *****ing about limos, or attacking a fan during the playoffs. And what is ESPECIALLY exciting is Torts' style of play, which

Little help here?

And Renney's system only went overly defensive once it was clear that we did not have the offensive talent to score with other teams.

Early years with Jagr, it was not as boring as it became when we just lost all offensive talent.

Yet the "smart" people here were sure that Renney was holding the team back offensively and have now moved their blame towards Torts.

The problem right now is the talent. Torts AND Renney are both good coaches. Truly believe that. Torts won a cup, (something very difficult for bad coaches to accomplish) and Renney took the team to the playoffs each year. You can just tell on the ice as well. There was a specific feeling when we had the guys like Trots. Just a different world on the ice in terms of effort and sticking with the system. That hasn't been there since Renney and Torts.

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