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03-11-2010, 11:12 AM
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Originally Posted by CBJSprague24 View Post
We need an HF Chat Bingo Board...

Ideas I had:
-Psycloud stabs someone
-Rick Nash is accused of fatness
-TRADE (Insert Player Here)!
-I'm NOT Missing Happy Pony
-Username changes to reflect pathetic play
-Reminiscing on
-Mass profanities after a hideous play or goal against.
-"Escape the Period"
-Cleart/Kilt on a PK
-Someone speaks in memes
-Heated debate over why we suck
-Mac or CBJSprague24 reference Cooper Stadium, Jeff Gordon's Cooper Park, or FUNMAGEDDON!
-F'ing Refs/Linesmen...
-FSN Ohio hate
-Someone gets kicked for Mods' amusement
-Mac's Stats get interrupted by somebody who didn't notice the multicolored bars racing over the screen at high speed....again.
-The Jackets WIN!
-Fedor Tyutin or Marc Methot turnover-induced rage
-Kristian Huselius-induced rage.
-HF Chat calls a penalty, to no avail.
-Reference to the parallel GDT.
-"ASKLDJFHALSDJFALLKF" is used to communicate strong excitement or momentary hatred.

...but I'm sure there are better ones we can come up with.
- Matthew posts something ridiculous.
- JF takes "a nacho break"
- Viqsi appears
- Robert tries to steer the discussion back to hockey
- the word "cliff diving" is used.
- HF GDT is slammed
- Samkow posts drunk

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