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I'm new here. Glad to have finally gotten an ID & look forward to participating.

Name: Matt (I also frequently answer to and refer to myself as possum)
Age: 31
Sex: M
Where You're From: Charlotte
Where You Live Now: Concord NC (really close to CLT)
Nationality: USA
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: bluish
Mode of Transportation: in reality an 09 Altima, in my mind I still drive my 00 Xterra
Job: PC Monkey at a ridiculously large corporation
What brought you to HF Boards: Charlotte's affiliation with the Canes & PuckDaddy's constant references to HFBoards
How you became a hockey fan: 1994: NYR breaks the curse; 1996: USA beats Canada in World Cup and the Checkers won the Riley Cup
How you became a Canes fan: I'm a proud native of North Carolina
Favorite thing about being a Canes fan: telling people from traditional hockey markets who I pull for
Favorite Cane's Player(s): The Wizard and Wardo
Favorite NON Cane's Player(s): Niklas Backstrom. The goalie.
Other Sports You Like: baseball, NCAA football
Other Sports Teams You Cheer For: Charlotte Checkers, The Atlanta Braves and any of their affiliates, Washington Redskins, VT Hokies, Charlotte 49ers
College Attended/Attending: the school formerly known as UNCC (I like how this says "attended" instead of "graduated")
Video Game Systems Owned: Wii, two of them (can't have the step daughters taking my time)
Favorite Game(s): I took like five yrs off of gaming and have only recently got back on the Wii. I enjoy Super Mario Whatever, the LEGO series, & Madhouse
Music You Listen To: Pink Floyd, Outkast, Ben Folds, Weezer, Foo Fighters & a whole lot more
Favorite Movie(s): The Big Lebowski, Star Wars all, Kubrick, all horror (especially classics), Indie films
Favorite Book(s): Internet, sports history books
Favorite Food(s): Beer. Pork. Also anything but eggs, bananas & mushrooms
Favorite TV Show(s): Seinfeld, The Office, 30 Rock, The Simpsons, Trailer Park Boys, learning channels & junk
Hockey Jerseys In Wardrobe: My jerseys have their own wardrobe. No, seriously. PM/email me if you want to buy anything on the For Sale tab.
Anything Else: Road Trips: previously to see live music & currently for hockey & minor league baseball, 3 months from being a non-step dad, long walks on the beach & being totally awesome.

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