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09-26-2003, 09:03 PM
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It is all perspective

Originally Posted by thor dyck
i was being fecitious. Matts has never had an informed opinion, ever. Compare his criticisms to igor's ot lowetide's analysis and he looks ridiculous.

The problem with oilfans can be described as "resticted gene pool" You have a bunch of really good guys who like the oilers but there is no dissenting opinion. At HF, all teams are represented. The moment I say "the sedin sisters will be Burke's dowfall", a good poster like Mizral will come here and unsuccessfully try to prove me wrong. It makes for good debate.

On oilfans, anyone who doesn't share the opinion is a troll. Guys like matts who never say anything positive are regarded as being balanced. It is a badge of honor to call lowe a liar or salo a peice of shot, or the org "bush league". In reality, you need fans from every team to keep us honest, not trolls.
I don't post at Oilfans because I don't want to read through all the "your a idiot posts" to get to the meat. Of course there are some good posters there but I find all the name calling juvenile.

Also I get bored of the "Salo Sucks" and Matts being upset if it's not mentioned in the Journal and the Sun everyday. It has been mentioned that he struggled at least three times by every beat writer. How often do they have to say it??

But on Oilfans they find us boring because we don't insult each other etc.

To each their own.

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