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09-26-2003, 09:19 PM
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Good idea for a thread!

My story is back around '96 when the Molson Center was pretty new, me & some friends were in Montreal & went to the restaurant at the arena (it was called Ovation at the time). I was watching football on TV when my friend (not a hockey fan) commented on the size of the ring that a guy walking past our table was wearing -- I looked over & recognized Yvon Lambert who was wearing what appeared to be a Stanley Cup ring. I think Yvon was the restaurant manager because we asked him to sign a menu for us ( the menu had alot of great photos) but he said he couldn't give away the menu because they had just been delivered. We got auto's on placemats instead & grabbed some menus when the waitress wasn't looking because they were pretty cool.

I also have a couple other funny stories that don't involve me directly -- my late unlce used to work security at the Verdun Audotorium sometimes when the Habs would practice there -- one day some guys were waiting for the ice while the Habs practiced & the goalie mentioned he'd like Patrick Roy to auto his blocker but was too embarassed to ask. So someone suggested he should ask for an auto but say it was for a kid. So the guy goes up to Patty, asks if he'd auto the blocker for a kid & sure enough Patty says "hey where is the little guy? I'd like to meet him!" The guy thought quick & said the kid wasn't there & came away with an auto on his blocker !!

One last quick one, years ago my grandfather was a bus driver in Montreal & often drove the NHL teams. One particular night on an away trip I guess things were getting a little out of hand with boys -- John Ferguson stood up & said that anyone messing with the bussy would have to go thru him -- needless to say my grandfather got a good nites sleep!

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