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03-11-2010, 05:09 PM
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OK, so today I went to my LHS (an hour and a bit away) and basically got measured for everything. Now I'm shopping around (the guy helping me actually told me to do this, so I'm not being cheeky by getting help then not buying etc) but could do with some recommendations. I know WHAT I need, but I've got no clue on brands. So, my measurements, according to Mr LHS sales man:

Gloves: 13 inches
Shin guards: 13 inches
Helmet: Medium
Body Armour (I'm guessing he means shoulder pads?): Medium
Shorts: Medium

He also mentioned a pelvic protector?

Another thing he also said, was that I can either go with shoulder pads or a padded t-shirt. Same with pants/shorts. Any examples of these? I'm not sure what's for the best really. If anyone can recommend some brands it'd be helpful. The only thing I've any real idea about is this visor/cage combo here Would this be OK? And can anyone tell me which helmets it would fit? Also tried some TPS gloves which were quite nice (pink and white ones, bonus! Sorry, that's the girl in me...)

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