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09-26-2003, 09:59 PM
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Originally Posted by momentai
Now, I think we're getting a little carried away here. What's so bad about being upset at criticism by the GM? It really is perfectly natural to not be particularly enamored to that sort of thing. It does indeed happen to everyone in the real world but I've found very few people that enjoy hearing it.

Now, this entire situation is getting irritating indeed. Comrie's party and Lowe's party have remained silent for the most part. It's the media and fan reaction that is blowing things abnormally out of proportion and this is not really all that surprising: it is a slow offseason. However, I sort of wish that this entire ordeal was over one way or another.

LT, consequences is a fine word to put on this situation. I have another two... dedication and commitment. We'll see one way or another during this season how those two ideals lie for both Mike and the Oiler management.
im not trying to start a flame war here.... BUT, lol

you cant really be serious?? people get criticized everyday of their lives and deal with it and show up for work the next day. if i got criticized at work and the next day i came in and said "ok, i didnt like what you had to say yesterday but ill forgive you and stay with the company... but you have to pay me more money." do you really think i would have a job still?? i think not. people seem to think that because these guys are professional athletes that we shouldnt hold them up to very high standards..... that we should accept the fact that they are whiney and egotistical. when the hell did that happen? i thought we should expect high profile people to act like men, show some morals. am i wrong to expect these basic premises of integrity in the athletes that make their money from my paycheck?

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