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02-03-2005, 12:20 PM
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But let me add this

Originally Posted by pld459666
is one of the main items that has been seriously wrong with this current system.

The players knew that this was going to change in any new contract, might as well make it seem like a major concession when in fact it was going to either be eliminated altogether or altered.

The fact that the players included this in their proposal shouldn't be taken as anything other than pre-emptively offering up something they knew full well they would have to anyway.
Arbitration is only in favor due to the Owners incompetence.

Rangers giving Joe Sakic 7 million a year, Flyers giving Gratton the money they gave him, The Islanders signing Yashin and Peca to their deals all led to the Kayria's and Iginla's and Elias's of the world getting the contracts they got.

I'm not defending the owners in this simply because I believe that they are to blame for the mess they are in, but the economics of the NHL and the way the landscape of those economics are structured do not lead to a level playing field under the current system, even a rolled back version.

The playing field needs to be leveld out, and if that can happen without a cap, great, I personally don't see it, but great.

the players offer rolled back every to 10 years ago, but it doesn't level out the playing field. Luxury taxes don't do it, because you have to assume that every year X amount of teams will spend Y amount of dollars over Z threshold. That's not an assumption that can be guaranteed year to year which means that the distribution of the kitty cannot be guaranteed.

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