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Originally Posted by Strizzi
Davos is my favorite team, always was. When they were relegated, I developed sympathies for Bern, because I never liked Lugano (sorry 'bout that...), and Bern was their main rival at that time. In the last few years though, Kloten (who I once despised for their defensive hockey during their most successful time) became more and more my 2nd favorite, and has overtaken Bern in my sympathy chart this year. I like Kloten's approach of giving a lot of young players a chance. And Bern has become really tough to watch this year despite of their big budget, plus their management sucks. Hence their drop to #3 - but at least they have the better fans than Lugano
Can't agree with you about the Bern fans, I have yet to attend one of their home game without it being interrupted by spectators throwing object onto the ice. It drives me crazy. Anyway, I came to the conclusion that the average fan has no clue about hockey long ago.

And as much as I like Kloten, I don't agree about the fact that they give a chance to all that young players is a great thing, it's just what's wrong with hockey in Switzerland. All these players should be fighting for one or two spot on the pro team, and should earn their playing time by outplaying some veterans instead of being given ice time. Last week, I attended a Morges game and noticed that half of their line up was made of former Lausanne players who were given NLA ice time without earning it. They all became NLB players, even if some of them had real talent. Had Lausanne's line up been more difficult to crack, some of them could now be good NLA players.

I wouldn't be surprised if Bern's Julian Walker, Lugano's Tristan Vauclair or Davos' Franco Collenberg become interesting players. However, I won't bet any money on Fribourg's JoŽl Sassi, even if he played in every Fribourg game this season.

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