Thread: Injury Report: Bernier out 4-6 weeks
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03-11-2010, 08:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Drop the Sopel View Post
I think Gillis had the right idea with that trade though. Sometimes the player just doesn't progress like you had hoped and thought he would. I'd have a bigger problem with the pro-scouting if Samuelsson wasn't providing exceptional offense from the 2nd line and Ehrhoff hadn't excelled the way he has.

I like the idea of taking on projects like Bernier. If he doesn't pan out, move him for a small loss, if he does pan out, you've got a steal on your hands.

As it sits right now, it's not a very good trade. However, it was still the right move at the time IMO.
Yes, I agree on this point. Sometimes you have to give a bit more for unrealized potential. If it doesn't hurt you, it's low risk and potentially high return. But it's quite clear from the quote Gillis considered him a top 6 forward at the time of the trade, and a PP asset, not could be, might be with the right training, when he peaks etc., and based on that alone, it's an overpayment.

Originally Posted by Zorbane View Post
Bernier's still a young guy, not like he's reached his peak yet
This is a valid point when you talk about players like a young Bertuzzi, players who every once in a while give you a flash of what they could be, all the tools, just a matter of consistency. Bernier doesn't have consistency issues. He consistently shows no upside beyond a 3rd liner. I just hope he can become one of the league's best in that role.

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