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02-03-2005, 02:21 PM
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Originally Posted by pld459666
but let's not act as if those items weren't going to be done anyway.

It's like a car dealership "throwing in floor mats because it's you "

Now, the fact that the dealership gave you a 24% reduction on the 05 model should be looked at as that, a great deal that neither of us would pass up. But all in all, regardless of whether it was a 24% reduction in price or just a 10% reduction in price, we were still going to get those floormats.

The last thing the current group of superstar players care about is how future arbitration system works or how much a rookie can earn because they are well past those points, but that 24% rollback now that's a doosy
But by that line of reasoning, ANYTHING proposed by the players can be deemed "not a concession".

"Yeah, the players offered a 24% salary rollback, but one of the problems with the problems with the league is that salaries are too high, so the salaries would have to come down eventually with any new system. So they're not really giving back anything that wouldn't have been done otherwise."

See? No less reasonable than what you said earlier.

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