Thread: Injury Report: Bernier out 4-6 weeks
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03-11-2010, 11:23 PM
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Originally Posted by FruityPants3 View Post
Yeah, he produces well for a top 9 player. I'm not debating that. He's just a huge cockblock in a top 6 role, which is why I implied he had the potential to become an elite 3rd liner. I hope he does. The guy just gets really ugly points and is simply void of top 6 talent.
Obviously he can't handle the puck like a "top six player" but he's got a good shot IMO when he does get it off with a bit of time and space (which is rare, and something he needs to work on - either getting some space or getting a good shot with little or no space).

I don't think Bernier is the type of player who becomes a brilliant scorer. I think he has the potential to be a mobile, physical player who plays a good two way game, screens and tips well and can actually score the odd goal from twenty to thirty feet out.

We're talking 45-55 points and a good all around game.

I meant the picks as an either/or, but my timeline was off. Either two prospects (after this draft) or the 3rd round prospect and a deadline acquisition this year.
Fair enough.

As for unsung hero, I don't think it's that strong an argument for Bernier. That's pretty much the "Rudy" of awards, the guy who tries hard and everyone loves, but doesn't have the skillset or head to be 'sung.' It's also not picked by the team, and previous winners were Ruutu, Sopel and Cooke. Not a ringing endorsement.
My bad about the voters. Other previous winners of the award were Kevin Bieksa, Alex Burrows... Cliff Ronning..

I think the truth lies somewhere in between - ultimately role players having good years are the types of guys who win that, but I don't think that's anything to sneeze at.

Don't get me wrong - I think Bernier has to improve on his play so far as a Canuck to be considered a good acquisition - at this point I'd categorize the trade as.. reasonable, I guess.

And this might sound weird, but I'd be happy if Bernier could just become a more honest Matt Cooke. Just go out and bang and crash, and bounce the occasional puck in the net off your knee.
Doesn't sound weird, although IMO Bernier will consistently outscore Cooke over his career.

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