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03-12-2010, 12:02 AM
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Alright, subbed a level up for a team that never has any skaters. I got a long warmup and a lot of ice time with this stick.

I must be dialing it in, because snappers are just coming off as absolute ROCKETS. Part of that is the flex, it's broken in nicely so I can get a good lean into it. Another is the curve, I just cup the puck in the mid-toe then rip it towards the net. End result is I'm getting a lot of velocity. Accuracy seems fine now, maybe the 1/2" shorter helped.

Slappers, I don't really have one, but they didn't seem any better or worse than normal. I also don't take many pure wrist shots either.

In the game, I must have had half a dozen shots, mostly from the outside (left handed shot on the left wing off the rush). I was surprised how quickly they were getting to the net, coming up really fast on the goalie, and I don't think I missed the net, which is a first. For as much as I shoot, I don't score often, and didn't tonight, so that's no surprise.

Puck feel is just fantastic. I'm really amazed by how well I can stickhandle with this rig...I was doing a lot more dangling around guys and through traffic than normal, which is nice because I can't skate well enough for this level and certainly don't have the conditioning for it either.

Also, catching passes is just perfect. Anything that hits the blade will at least knock down...I had a few really nice deflections (never happens) and was able to catch/corral pucks and turn them into shots.

Basically I felt I played really well given the circumstances (playing up a level, only 10 guys showed up, I'm battling lung issues and am on medication, confidence is very low right now, and I'm horribly out of shape).

I'm hesitant to say it, but so far this is looking like it might be my favorite stick yet. The weight is a non-factor, puck feel is just as good as anything I've used (including the One95), shooting is as good or better than anything I've used (including the Dolomite), flex is more or less perfect.

The only knock I have so far is that there's a little chip out of the toe after two uses. Not a big gouge, just a little chip. I rarely, RARELY chip blades, and I taped over the toe, so I'll just have to keep an eye on it.

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