Thread: Injury Report: Bernier out 4-6 weeks
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03-12-2010, 05:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Gman3 View Post
How do you know Hansen will get back into the doghouse, if he continues to play well he won't.

How do you know they won't call someone up from the farm.
Well, obviously it's just my line of thought, but I base it on the fact that AV doesn't seem to like Hansen too much, and has in the past scratched him without just reason. And also based on AV's tendency to ice "tough" gritty players over skilled offensive players in his bottom 6 which is understandable, the bottom 6 is usually made up of grinders. Furthermore it appears AV has a man-crush on Hordichuk, there's no other reason to play him, he's terrible, Johnson as well, Rypien hasn't been very good either yet they see consistent ice time over a player like Matt Pettinger, who is arguably a better player than Hordichuk and friends.

25 points in 43 games (0.581 PPG) in the AHL isn't bad, and when we had him up here, he was playing pretty well, at least better than Rypien, Hordichuk, Johnson. In comparison Shiriokov is said by many to be having a pretty good year in the A', and yet he has 40 points per 63 games (0.634 PPG), not a whole lot better than Pettinger's numbers and that does not take into consideration that Pettinger is a much better defensive player than Shirokov is. And despite this, we haven't even heard a peep from the organization on Pettinger's status, or possibility of being called up. Definitely not a game changer, but having him on the 4th line would make me feel better whenever they're on the ice, vs. having to fear that Johnson is going to go down to block a shot and have the opponents skate around him, and Hordichuk's general lack of speed, puck handling ability, shooting ability, passing ability, fighting ability, and all round skill.

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