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03-12-2010, 06:24 AM
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To Vandalay Industries
I completly agree with your post #6, it says it all.

Originally Posted by Vandalay Industries View Post
Personally I believe, I would pick him for the U18 squad, but I'm not so sure the national team coach would.

As far as I remember Nicklas Jensen was the only 93 on the U18 squad for the tournament i Füssen (you mean against Norway), which I really don't understand and it makes me unsure what their plans are.
If I was in charge I would want to use those tournaments to prepare for the World Championships with the team I wanted there, but instead all the other 93's were playing on the U17 team. Of course that keeps as many players as possible in the heat and I guess that is their focus, but then I just don't understand why Nicklas Jensen wasn't playing with the other 93's. Sure, he's the best of them, but it's not like he's in a different world.

Anyway, I would definitely expect Nicklas Jensen and Patrick Russell on the team and I would also be surprised if Nikolaj Meyer wasn't there. I would not be surprised if Sass and the Højbjerg twins aren't picked for the Worlds, but it's going to be a call the national team coach makes out of the camp. I'd be surprised if they weren't picked at least for the camp.

Martin Højbjerg is a better worker than Sass and that might be decisive among the two of them in the end since they are probably both amongst the players on the mend.
Regarding the U18 squad, I am also confused about the moves by the coach. He seems to prefer age before talent, and that could prove fatal.

To me only 3 forwards from 1992 are sure picks:
Felix Maegaard-Scheel - Rögle (SWE)
Patrick Bjørkstrand – Herning
Anders Schultz - Hvidovre

And only 4 forwards from 1993 are sure picks:
Nicklas Jensen – Herning
Patrick Russell – Linköping
Nikolaj Meyer - Frederikshavn
Thomas Spelling - Herning

I am looking very much forward to the preliminary roster, as it would give us an indication of the thoughts of the coach.

And yes, I would also like to see Sass on the team, but if he were, he would be one of the last to be picked.

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