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03-12-2010, 01:56 PM
with the 10th pick..
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Originally Posted by silverfish View Post
I thought Tortorella learned his lesson about scratching Avery in the playoffs last year?

I'm sure offdacrossbar and Fitzy are ecstatic. And Avery at 50% "engaged" is at least 100000000000 X more engaged then most of the bums on this team.

Torts is losing me....

On the other hand I'm doing whatever it takes to change this teams luck. Today I got my hair cut and went from:


We need two points...

naw. i actually like avery and have no problem what so ever with his game. ive never been an avery basher at all.

i would have sat shelley down instead and added ringo back in lineup and just flipped avery and ringo. avery should go to line 4 if hes in the dog house but scratching him is purely spiteful and makes this team weaker.

he cares. hes whacked, ill give you that, but the dude can play hockey and he cares. his problem, is avery is "weak" because torts had him by the b@lls and pulls his leash way too tight.

this avery light is awful to watch. it makes us a worse team.

torts is a clown. this is just another example of it.

then again, if it makes us weaker we have a better chance of losing and thus we are closer to K2

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