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Originally Posted by NWO View Post
i am glad you have evidence backing you up as from what i rememebr what was said and in print was that a select few didnt like him, i do not recall ever reading most people didnt want him on the team but i could care less. first off not some mystery dude, he covers another nhl team and i went to college with him. i could post plenty what he passes on but no need too. I could careless what happened when he left, he was run out of town by backstabbing teammates who should have been thankful to have a quality goalie.
Maybe, but the situation was what it was...and Cechmanek's problems have followed him elsewhere. So, to paint it as he's some innocent lamb and it was just the Flyers organization that treated him poorly...doesn't hold up.

It was well established while Cechmanek was here that he was introverted, didn't really hang out with people, so on and so forth. And that's fine and all, but it also means that there's a pretty good chance he didn't have anyone really speaking up for him within that room.

You'll also note that I think he was excellent (though flawed) while he was here between the pipes, and that the problems with those teams were not of his making. However, the reason he wasn't kept around was entirely of his own making.

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