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03-12-2010, 03:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Kambo View Post
True, but I think we can all agree that it really would be no surprise to at least see him signed as a back-up next season. I'm not going to hear on tv that he was told to look for a more permanent place and automatically think the worst. Just like when I read the article and took it for what it is. Homer and his agent may meet up, but I'm sure an extension is not going to be on a serious, or need to get done now basis. I think people are seeing the title of the thread as already in the works and jumping to conclusions, before REALLY reading the article for face value. And even now that those quotes got released pretty much dismissing any imminent contract discussion, people are still trying to use obscure tv comments that may or may not be true to set themselves up for the worst.
I admit that I saw the threat title and posted my initial displeasure before reading the, article, however:

I still think there is some cause for concern about this news, because we all know that Homer is prone to getting ideas in his head, and failing to look at other options (IE, meeting with Emery early in the second half of last season, and then signing him unofficially before July 1 and ignoring any alternatives).

I think there is still some room for concern that he is, in fact, discussing numbers with Leighton's agent and may well wind up extending him without addressing other options. Even if he doesn't announce anything until a bit later, it just wouldn't shock me that - if Leighton manages to just keep being average - Holmgren will start with these talks today and ignore everything else, as he has in the past.

I'm fine with Leighton as a backup for small numbers if they figure out how to make Boucher go away, but Holmgren's lack of foresight or thorough planning with goaltending doesn't inspire any confidence.

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