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Originally Posted by Stone Cutter View Post
I will not comment on the legality of the product, but just from your story it seems obvious that you have tried to use the personnal import process and regulations

Importing 200 jersey would be deemed a commercial activity and as such you should have provided the necessary paperwork (custom invoice, through bill of ladding, certificate of orign if applicable and import permits for apparel if also applicable).

Unfortunattely for you they all arrive at the same time, which provided CBSA enough evidance to raise a red flag. Spitting up the shipmment into smaller size to avoid these requirement could be seen as an attempt to circomvent the regulation and you could be charge with fraud, you material could be sezeied and/or they could issue an AMPS (administrative monetary penalty).
Originally Posted by blankall View Post

It sounds like you are breaking several laws.

It's obviously a commercial enterprise. You will have to pay duty on these. If you want the items to get through faster you will need an importers account #.

Not only that you are probably being flagged by the CRA. You obviously intend to turn a profit on these jerseys, and I doubt you intend to pay taxes on that profit.

These are obviously fake jerseys. It is illegal to import unlicensed products.

Good luck on this.....
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