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09-26-2003, 11:56 PM
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Originally Posted by jadeddog
im not trying to start a flame war here.... BUT, lol

you cant really be serious?? people get criticized everyday of their lives and deal with it and show up for work the next day. if i got criticized at work and the next day i came in and said "ok, i didnt like what you had to say yesterday but ill forgive you and stay with the company... but you have to pay me more money." do you really think i would have a job still?? i think not.
Um.. I really think you missed my point. My point had nothing to do with Comrie wanting any type of salary amount. Personally, I have been a major advocator of Comrie not getting anything close to 2 million for about 3 months now...

My point was in addressment of this statement of yours...
Originally Posted by jadeddog
and hes upset that he gets criticized by the GM?? welcome to LIFE you spoiled baby
Why should it be a fault of his that he is upset over criticisms? I think what's more important is how he works to either dispel/encourage those same criticisms. You are calling him a spoiled baby because he's upset at criticisms? That just isn't fair because there must be a lot of "spoiled babies" out there in the world.

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