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02-03-2005, 11:05 PM
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Originally Posted by JOrtmeyer41
Smrek had potential, but never really got a real shot, same with Mottau. Why play a player who continues to take dumb penalties over 2 young kids with potential. I know they have not done much, but give them a shot. And Doig did ok playing with the caps this year. I know their d is horrible, but Doig cant be that much worse than Purinton. At least Doig dont take stupid penalties like Purinton does.

Smrek like Purinton was a borderline NHL player. He's been over in Europe the last few years and there are 29 other teams who haven't been knocking his door down.

Mottau isn't even a borderline guy and Doig is admitedly a little better than Purinton.

My point? That basically we're talking about a bunch of fringe players. The only difference is that Purinton at least could goon it up, the others didn't even have that.

I just don't see Purinton and his 10 minutes a night for 30-40 games a year as being that big of an issue.

The bottom line is you don't want a kid shuffling back and fourth like that. That's been exactly one of the problems over the years.

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