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03-13-2010, 12:16 PM
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You are going to hear a lot of different opinions on which of the two models sticks are better.

I personally would look at options such as flex, curves, lengths, shafts shapes, etc...It's not to say that the ONE95 is better than a 10K, it's more personal preference relative to the stick's attributes. The ONE95 has a higher kick point, geared for power shots (slap shots and one timers), while the 10K has a lower kick point for quicker releases on wrist shots and snap shots.

As far as length goes, the general rule of thumb is to have the stick be up to your chin (in skates). However, that is a rule of thumb and some players might like a longer or shorter stick; once again personal preference. A forward may want to have a shorter stick for handling, while a defenseman might want to have a longer stickfor poke checks.

As far as flex goes, the general rule of thumb is half of your body weight. However, just like the length of your stick, it's all personal preference. Ovechkin who weighs over 200lbs generally uses sticks that are far less than 100 flex. It is reported that he uses sticks that have a flex ranging in the 70's.

Hopefully this is helpful and have fun with your new sticks.

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