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Originally Posted by Jason Gregor View Post
Good question. In the final year, they could waive him if they choose. In the fifth year, the only thing that changes is that he has to submit a list of ten teams, and they can move him to any of those ten teams. He can't be waived in that season. But he can in the final one. I still think it is way to early to predict how he will be playing in five years.

Of course if he plays like this year, he would probably be waived or bought out. The final year of his deal he is only paid $3million, so that buy out isn't as costly. But way to far away for any of us to realistically predict how he will be playing. The only thing I'd safely say is that few, if any, will think he is producing worthy of his cap hit. I doubt that will ever change. But if by then the team has young guys scoring and he is playing all the "tough" minutes it might, and I mean MIGHT, be bearable.

If he doesn't improve, I think this option of being bought out might happen after year four, but not before.
An NTC is still an NTC though, I don't think an NTC protects him from being sent to the minors. It has to be an NMC in year five ... I don't think I've seen another player with a conditional NMC either, that's kinda weird.

I really don't care what he's playing like 2 or 3 years down the line, at this point, I just don't care.

The reason why 3 years is important for the Oilers is because if they do get Hall/Seguin in the draft this year that will likely be the summer they have to ink that player to an extension (could also be Eberle and/or MPS if they make the team next season to boot).

We need cap flexibility that summer (three years down the road).

I'm done with caring about Horcoff, his performance is on him, but I don't want his contract to interfere with us being to sign/retain a core ... like the headaches Chicago has gone through to retain Kane/Toews/Keith/etc. because they signed some stupid contracts before hand (ie: Huet).

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