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Originally Posted by Giant Moo View Post
Well, if you think it's a poor analogy, go out and find me an example, in any industry, of someone at the helm surviving for four years while the company goes in the crapper at every level. While you're looking, but also count how many got turfed before the stockholders could get a chance to get their pitchforks sharpened.
Kevin Lowe manages more than just the Oilers. You can legitimately criticize him for the state of all hockey affairs, but not just the Edmonton Oilers. Steve Tambellini came in as manager of the Oilers, and is the one most directly responsible for the management of the Oilers. In your stupid analogy, you're claiming that Kevin Lowe, who is moved up and has taken up additional responsibilities, should be the one held most accountable for the Oilers as an entity not performing to expectations. You are wrong.

Since you want to be a jerk about it, show me how many times a guy is moved in to supervise a variety of divisions, and when one guy comes in to replace the original guy, that one division does even worse, it's the original guy that gets fired, not the new guy that replaced him.

Unfortunately for you and your analogy, Steve Tambellini is the one managing the Edmonton Oilers. Not Kevin Lowe. And given your current rebuttal, you're basically saying that the CEO of every company should be fired when parts of the company fail. Criticize Lowe for all hockey operations in their entirety. But if you're focus is exclusively the Oilers, there's someone else that is in control of that division of hockey operations for Katz Sports.

Katz is not treating the Oilers like a business. He's treating them like his personal private club, and he's squandering oodles of goodwill.
Goodwill? Or are you referring to your self-constructed, emotional attachment to the Oilers, which leads you to erroneously conclude that the team is some accountable to you?

You're in no position to determine what Katz's plans or intentions are. That you think you are is laughable.

I'm blaming it on Lowe.
Then yay for you, he's no longer the General Manager of the Edmonton Oilers. You know, the position he was in when you felt he ****ed up the team.

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