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03-13-2010, 07:59 PM
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I figured I've give an update since I started this thread. I'm definitely a lefty with a hockey stick. It's so much easier for me to handle the stick that way, which is what I thought in the first place. Thanks to all for the advice and commentary.

I purchased a bunch of gear from, came in yesterday. I'm definitely excited about it.

The stick? A CCM U+, 85 flex, Vincent Lecavalier blade. I heard reviews about the clear piece at the bottom of the shaft coming out but I don't really see that happening though. I guess I'll find out.

Another question for the vets out there...

The shin pads I got, seem a little bit big as far as the fitment. The shin pad seems to ride a little low, almost down to the top of my foot. The side fold around behind my calf and I have to tuck one side under the other.

Is that right? It doesn't seem too loose, it's just pretty big.

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