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02-04-2005, 02:24 AM
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I had the same problem when I was younger around 10 or so. My coach taught me this move which I regularly use in games and when doing suicides. Basically, just start at the goal line and skate to the blue line but instead of stopping as hard as you can, stop so you spray up some ice but immediately use your momentum to transition yourself into skating backwards, sideways from where you stopped so when you stop sideways you continue going that same direction backwards. Just do suicides with this move never stopping once eventually you'll be able to easily stop with two feet without even thinking about it.

I'm not sure if my description was easy to understand or not, so i'll try and explain it in a slightly different way. What you want to do is basically skate like you're skating on the letter L. You skate as hard as you can and when you stop you use your momentum to keep skating backwards then just twist your body and skate forward and keep skating in this L pattern. When you do this, you'll be skating then you'll stop sideways but instead of coming to a complete stop you'll begin skating backwards sideways from where your stopped.

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