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03-13-2010, 09:28 PM
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Originally Posted by jmiller010 View Post were doing a little more than talking, unless I'm mistaken as to who exactly you are. Talking doesn't get your posts deleted.

And also, just as I don't speak for my entire fanbase, you shouldn't speak for yours. Saying that when you guys starting beating us this year, there weren't any Hab trolls while there were a ton of B's trolls last year is just a flat out lie. The B's board was invaded with trolls from Habland right after the game.

Both fanbases have their idiot fans...and that's a fact.
It's just that you guys have been consistantly bringing it to our faces last year, especially since it was our centenial. I though it was classless, and even though us habs fans aren't perfect, I feel that we haven't been laughing at you guys like you did us last year... but anyways, I'll stop now. Good luck in the playoffs dear Bruins and I really hope we meet in the finals to revive the great rivalry that we have going on. As a Habs fan, it wouldn't be the same NHL without the Bruins. I'm happy you guys are our arch rivals. Boston Montréal games are fun to watch.

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