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03-13-2010, 10:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Maliki2 View Post
Actually we was being called a "first line player" by Bruins fans. The same fans that were saying trading Komi for Looch straight up on penalties was bad for the Bruins. The fact is, anyone who plays with Kessel and Savard would see their stats padded. Thats what happened with Looch and we are seeing exactly that problem. Hes just another plugger in the NHL. Nothing special. Unfortunately for the Bruins they bought into it and OVERPAID by alot. And they will pay for it for years.
And you don't feel that the fact that you're a Habs fan and I'm sure you hate the guy contributes to your rather harsh opinion of him?

Trust me, we all hate the contract. **** that contract. Lucic knew he had the B's brass by the balls and took advantage of it (as almost all professional athletes minus David Krejci, and a few others would have)...but, the kid is 21. You could never objectively argue, to me, that he didn't look damn good in his role last year.

Lucic is a special player (or at least has the potential to be a special player), and it's acknowledged by lots of people/fans other than Bruins' ones, around the league. Not saying the guy is "the next Cam Neely" as is sometimes tagged (or was), but to call him "nothing more than a plug"...that's just not right...and there's plenty of your own fans who can back that up.

edit: it's also important to note in this post that Habs fans and Bruins fans watch a different style of hockey. It is not necessary for the first line to be three skill guys, as is the rule in MTL. The two teams have always had different styles of drafting, coaching, executing the game etc. If Lucic can play on the first line, and that first line is a top half of the league first line, production wise, then by all means, he is a first liner.

As I said, we shall see.

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